Quick body repair

Quick body repair is a concept, by the choosing the fastest method or procedure every time we make a repair. This means choosing the right technique and the correct equipment to perform a quality repair in the shortest time possible.

Quick body repair There are 3 products.


  • Flatliner

    The Flatliner is probably the most innovative and efficient steel and aluminum sheetmetal repair system available on the market today. It was designed for the repair of small to medium collision damage on car bodies. The repair is done entirely from the outside, which makes demontage or even replacement of panels entirely superfluous.

  • Aluminium Repair

    Aluminium is being used more and more in today's car production. To repair aluminium is not very difficult, the biggest problem normally is the know how. There are certain aspects to be considered in repairing aluminium: wide range of different types of alloys - different repair methods (pre-push/PDR, glue system, stud welding (Alumet) system - material behaves differently to sheet metal - constant pull - application of heat

    Aluminium is normally more expensive than traditional parts and therefore also more economical to repair.

  • Innopuller

    With its unique design the Innopuller can be used for several functions.The pulling height can be adjusted by simply turning one single screw. The feet are adjustable in two ways: lengthwise, enabling them to be spread apart (away from the welding tip), and they can also be turned, allowing the different profiles on each side to be used, depending on the application. The complete Innopuller can be used for deep or sharp damages as well as for a precise finishing work.  With small modifications it can be used as a small sliding hammer.  By using the pulling device, the finishing work becomes very simple and fast.  Adding a bit welding adaptor converts it in an ideal tool to weld bits.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items