Repair plastics and adhesives

Our plastics repair techmique combines several technologies to achieve the highest possible quality of repair. Welding, structural bonding and stapling. In addition, we provide training to teach the correct working method for professional repairs.

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  • Plastoclip System

    Plastoclip is a fast and easy system to repair all kind of plastic parts.
    The Plastolip is battery charged and therefore independent from a power plug. Fully charged the unit can weld of 200 clips.The operator can choose between two power options. Standard power is at 14W and the lower power is set at 10W which can be used on difficult spaces or thin plastic.The different shaped clips are made of stainless steel.

  • Plastic REP

     Plastic Repair System made of a heat welding machine and some chemical adhesives, provided with all the accessories required to make a professional repair. The set is packed in a plastic case with foam padding to fi t all the components.

  • Plastic Repair Adhesive

    Plastic and composite material repair and bonding adhesives.

  • Cosmetic Skim Coat

    Our latest innovation, an excellent skim coat for perfect cosmetic repair of scratches or any other minor imperfection on any plastic type. Skim coat is available in two different working time.

  • Seam Sealers

    Seam sealers areavailable in 5 different formulations to fulfill any specific requirement. Specially designed to easily reproduce the OEM seamsealer design and effect.

  • Metal Pannel Bonding

    Metal panel bonding adhesives are available in 2 different working times. Primer is not required on any metal type. 

  • Foams

    Expanding foams, 99,9% closed cell with different densities to be used to fill cavities, to reduce vibrations, to soundproof or to recreate the repaired part original.

  • Cartridges accessories