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A selection of small equipment that enhance or make possible multiple processes. These products have unique characteristics that set them apart from many similar products. The design and constant development mean that these are the best type in the market.

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  • Rezinc

    With Rezinc the operator gets a system galvanizing very durable and a coating of pure zinc which does not need time to drying. On this galvanizing can be easily applied putty, primer or paint This system galvanizing causes no type of damage on the painted surface as Zinc is automatically applied on the bare metal only

  • CutiT
  • BendIT

    Bend it is a system of folding and crimping patented in Europe. With  the pressure of the compressed air, the door panel, the outer edge of the wheel can be folded and trimmed in a few minutes. The system contains a special pneumatic hammer, 4 different plugs for different thicknesses of metal, aluminum and an adapter.

  • Fastdrill

    This new drilling tool is designed to remove spot welds on high strength steels (Boron Steel) very quickly without getting tired. The pneumatic piston is supported by a manual mechanism which increases the pressure exerted on the surface. Fastdrill can be adjusted so that the tip is not in rotation when it touches the surface to be drilled. This prevents the tip with the throwaway insert break the cut due to the impact.

  • Speedy G Remove

    The world wide patented Speedy tie rod removal tool is made to remove and mount a tie rod. Speedy tie rod removal tool can be used as an universal tool for all kind of tie rod shapes. No matter if the ball joint is round, hexagon or octagon.
    Thanks to the patented mechanism, the tool works at tie rod diameters from 35-45mm, without changing sockets or roll inlets. Due to the slim head it is also possible to work in narrow spaces.

    To unlock or tight tie rod, the tool is simply slided over the joint and turned left or right.

  • Flat Pad
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Showing 1 - 10 of 26 items
Showing 1 - 10 of 26 items